Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Winds of change...

Well, this is new!
Well, this is new. I am posting twice in one week. Could this be a new Darin? I am hoping so. The rest of my post should clue you in on what today had in store.

The change.
I have just finished reading a really good book called "Flahsbang". It's a humorous that takes stories from the author's life that he ties into deep spiritual truths that are humbling, and though provoking. Reading through the book, I was touched and moved, and encouraged to do some soul searching and evaluating in my life. I have reached some decisions in my life that we all know about ourselves, but I am- while I have the motivation- going to try and do somethings about it. A lot of the things I do, and don't want to do, or don't know that I am doing, I don't even know how to go about changing, or what to change. But I am praying for change. I am praying that I can learn to let go of my death grip of the world and told let go and follow Jesus. I don't know where that will take me. I do know where I am going to start, and starting I have. Other things, I don't know about yet, but with prayer and reading of THE word, and meditation, I believe God will reveal to me.

Basically it all boils down to this. Life is a journey in which we grow and are formed into the likeness of Christ. At this point in my life, I feel as though I am static, not moving or growing, and I want to change that.

What changes can be made?
When I really started to think and throw things around in my mind, I thought of the Jewish people. In history the Jewish culture was and is a very tangible and "real life" culture. In the Bible when God would give them a truth or a command, there was a physical tangible thing in which reminded them of God and the things he did for them. The Jews rocks, and tabernacles and trees, and altars everything they had a deeper spiritual truth behind it.

I said all of that to say this: I am making some physical changes in my life to remind me of the spiritual changes that I am hoping take place in my "REAL" life. Some of the changes, are dramatic big changes and some of them aren't. And I am not changing everything, just some things. But the things I am changing are to remind me to grow and to always make a habit of, or to take things out of my life that don't need to be there. I am not sure how things are going to go, but I am going to try none the less.

My apologies...
I am in deed sorry if that you thought this post would be deep and meaningful and informative of THE word and how you could grow. Or maybe me thinking this is arrogant in the first place, and in that case...I am also sorry.

But maybe to salvage what validity this post has, I leave you with this: Change! We are all clay in the hands of a loving creator. He wants to mold us and to shape us into beautiful and useful tools for his kingdom and if we harden up and never let him mold us we become useless and brittle. We break and eventually die. So, strive for growth, and maturity. Remember there is ALWAYS room for growth. But also remember, we won't ever get it right and we are always in need of his grace.

Love you all I hope that this was worth reading.

John 16:33

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Kristen said...

This post was extreamly encouraging to me. It seems that more often than not I get into a huge rut, and it feels like I've completely stalemated in my faith. My prayer life is skim, and my focus is practically non-existant, and I feet powerless to change it. But this post encouraged me to start making changes, however small they may be. No matter how menial the change may seem I know that change is still change, and hopefully little by little I will be molded into the Daughter of The King that I need, and desire to be.Thank you again for being such an encouragemnt, and for pouring out your heart through your writings.

In Christ's Love,
Kristen N. Smith